About the Institute

The Lloyd Best Institute of the Caribbean is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to realising the potential of the Caribbean. It is named after its founder, Lloyd Best, and is guided in its mission by the title of his seminal work, “Independent Thought and Caribbean Freedom”.

Originally called the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of the West Indies at its founding in 1977, our organisation was renamed the Lloyd Best Institute of the West Indies in 2007 before being given its current name in 2019.

Our board of directors is chaired by Winston Riley, and its other members are Ben Braithwaite, Rawle Gibbons, Michael Harris, Preston Haxo, Ayiti Maharaj-Best, Carmel Maharaj-Best (Managing Director), Sunity Maharaj, Gregory McGuire, Anthony Paul, and Marcia Riley.

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  1. I´m a lecturer of Guantanamo University, Cuba and the President of the Cricket Board of this city , in this place where I work , in 1999 ,Earl Best guided by Sr. Lloyd Best showed us the first steps of Cricket and nowadays we have different teams of this famous sport and an acceptable level in it, so , next year we are going to celebrate the 20 anniversary of this oustanding contribution and we would like to join you to organize a Cricket match and others activities in honor of this extraordinary man, please , we can invite you to come or viceversa.
    Dr. Brooks

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