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The Lloyd Best Institute of the West Indies is a non-profit, independent think tank dedicated to the sole purpose of the development of the Caribbean. It is named after its founder, Lloyd Best, who launched it in 1977  as the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of the West Indies.

The mandate of the Lloyd Best Institute has always been, and continues to be guided by the title of Lloyd’s seminal work, “Independent Thought and Caribbean Freedom”.

The Institute is the publisher of the respected Trinidad and Tobago Review, a monthly news magazine- indeed, the only news magazine of the English-speaking Caribbean- which is now in its 34th year of publication. It enjoys wide circulation through distribution in Trinidad and Tobago’s top-selling daily newspaper, the Express, on the first Monday of the month.

It is a monthly review of national and Caribbean affairs, including economics, politics, the visual and literary arts, sports and foreign affairs. The T&T Review is open in its commitment to independent thought, free expression, indigenous development, Caribbean Integration including the free movement of people, Haiti and the strengthening of civil society.

The Lloyd Best Institute jealously guards its reputation as an independent space for engaging the public, which it does through regular events including the monthly “Seminar for Professionals”, which covers economic and political issues, and “Conversations in the Convois” which focuses on the socio-cultural.

The Institute is also an agency for research, consulting services and multi-media production.

The Lloyd Best Institute of the West Indies is run by a board of directors headed by Winston Riley (chairman), Gregory McGuire, Eric St Cyr, Baldwin Mootoo, Horace Broomes, Marcia Riley, Antony Paul and Sunity Maharaj-Best (Managing Director and Editor of the T&T Review).

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